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Tai DeVore

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Tai DeVore hails from Southern Oregon and was introduced to climbing when he was 15 years old. The bug bit hard and he quickly moved to the Bend area in Central Oregon. Smith Rocks provided a crucial training ground for his early forays, but the vast potential for first ascent bouldering stuck the most. 

In 2003 while he was working for the Yosemite Institute, he was reintroduced to the beautiful Mary Drumm. He quickly fell in love and followed her to Santa Cruz. Not feeling the vibe there, he convinced her to move to the Eastern Sierra. Shortly thereafter, they married in the Buttermilk Country, and started Bishop Yoga and Pilates Center. 

The search for adventure called, and Tai and Mary skied, climbed, and bouldered at the established and sub-areas for years. Having a loose grasp of the local ethics, Tai started venturing out, looking for his own potential. As luck would have it, Pine Creek Canyon lay just miles from town and sucked him in. 

Tai is looking forward to Pine Creek Climbing Guide being finished, so all can enjoy the book, and so that he can go back to toiling again on routes in Pine Creek Canyon. 

Mary DeVore

Mary DeVore was born in the flat plains of Illinois. After graduating from University, Mary quickly moved to California where she was soon introduced to peak bagging in the High Sierra, and crack climbing in Joshua Tree and Yosemite Valley. Being a crack climber at heart, it took her a while to get used to the idea of clipping bolts when she first moved to Bishop. Now the granite faces and cracks of Pine Creek have become her favorite hang. 

You could say the editing job as an editor fell into her lap by default since she is the wife. Being a lover of Pine Creek and of her husband, Mary soon took over the daunting job of editing. We have done our best to perfect the book, but realize there will always be a few mistakes. 

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